• Highly specialization
    We perform the eSports bets only. And it determines
    the main trend of our business in general.
  • Accuracy of forecasts
    We have professionals of eSports who until quite recently
    headed a top the ratings of the best gamers.
  • Reliability of results
    We work with representatives of eSports worldwide and
    we collect constantly the huge arrays of profile information.
  • The trends monitoring of eSports
    We study preferences and we create the accurate ratings of the most profitable events in the world eSports.
  • Reliable passive income
    We give reliable opportunities of passive income for investors
    from around the world on the our online business basis.
  • About Endlessror Global, LLC
    The gaming experience of our experts and programming methods of identification of priority events in the eSports allow to create the new ways and methods of betting in the eSports which don’t have any analogs in the world and reliably providing the stable profit for the company. Multi-vector nature of partnership worldwide – the main component of success work of the Endlessror Global, LLC. Our partners from the many countries provide for us data which we systematize, we analyze and turn into the precise betting strategy bringing us permanently positive result.
    • Narrow specialization
    • Exact forecasts of events
    • Reliable investment
    • Uniqueness of technologies
    • Profitable partnership
    • Protected investments
    We are sure that only people who know all aspects of eSports from, can with sufficient degree of professionalism to provide forecasts and to create for the company advantage in the eSports betting. Cohesion, unity of goals, the general vision of development and professionalism is the main qualities of our team which is constantly developing of the betting skills, having transformed in the powerful betting structure which capable to solve any tasks.
    Investment offer from our company
    All experience and professionalism of our team, and also our business achievements of the eSports betting were embodied in the investment solutions which we have been developed for our clients. Each investor from any country of the world has an opportunity to use the given opportunities, reliably strengthening own financial wellbeing. Choose the best. Create own financial achievements in our program.
    Total return: 110%
    Daily Interest: 1%
    Interest Term: 10 calendar days
    Deposit Amount: $20.00 - $10000.00
    Principal Return: yes
    Daily limitations: *auto regulate
    Total return: 150%
    Daily Interest: 5%
    Interest Term: 30 business days
    Deposit Amount: $20.00 - $10000.00
    Principal Return: no
    Daily limitations: *auto regulate
    * - The temporary limitation of the investment amounts by system is possible. It is necessary for stabilization
    of the system operability at the initial stage of the investment program developing.
    How it works
    Providing of the declared profitability is reached by the eSports betting. Making use of experience of professional gamers who are a staff of Endlessror Global, LLC, we get the most probable forecasts and we can guarantee profit from the invested money. We make use of game-experience of our experts, and flows of information, which has been gotten from the from primary sources and organizers of the eSports tournaments.
    Monitoring & Forecasting
    This is performing by means of careful forecasting and analytics of games on which outcomes the company makes bets.
    Planning of activity
    We can plan financial streams, controlling money turnover of the company, having operated of a betting processes.
    The betting performing
    Having consolidated certain amounts, we operatively performs directly betting on the eSports events.
    The profit distribution
    By results of betting we performs the distribution of profit which part of share is paid for investors fixedly.
    Stable, safe and profitable system of reliable online earnings for everyone
    Affiliate Program
    Endlessror Global, LLC has developed two options of additional active earnings in the program. Both versions of this partnership solutions are harmoniously coordinating with the general tendencies of passive earnings in our investment program, significantly expanding opportunities
    for the additional income obtaining which is available to each investor of the company.
    Standard Program
    For ordinary investors there is an opportunity to earn on invitations, obtaining 5% from the deposit amount of which will make by any personally invited business partner. To have an opportunity to participate in the "Standard" partner program and to get of 5% of each investment of partners, investor has to make the own deposit in our investment program
    For representative
    In the "For Representatives" program you can to earn of 10% from the deposit which will be made by any personally invited partner of the Representative. To have an opportunity to participate in the "For Representatives", the Representative has to make own deposit in program of not less than $300 and have at least 30 of the personally invited active partners.
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